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"(...) This sombre, surrealist story veers between moving and unsettling. Devoid of colour and light, Stilstand certainly isn’t for everyone. Yet despite its brevity, this prophetically isolationist tale lingers in the mind."

- The Guardian, dec.2020

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"... it remains a deeply-felt and even relatable experience, equal parts timely and terrifying."

- Pocket Tactics, dec.2020

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"Hell, even looking at its art style manages to make me feel uneasy, but that’s all part of Stilstand’s charm (...) It shows life’s struggles through an almost uncomfortably honest lens."

- Games Radar, sep.2020

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- Politiken, sep.2020

"A darkly funny, emotionally engaging and poignant interactive visual novel, Stilstand is a relatable story that’s worth experiencing"

- Finger Guns, jan 2022

"Ida Hartmann has created a modern classic which perfectly incapsulates the melancholic place between youth and adulthood."5/6, nov. 2021

"Stilstand gameplay is minimalistic. But it invites you to appreciate each drawing, the line as well as the composition, and to taste the sequential narration differently."

- Libération, nov. 2021

Sometimes, you have to wait a moment, in the stillness and the quietness (...). It lets the feeling linger with you, so you’re forced to confront and understand it. The weight of dissatisfaction speaks to a desperately common aspect of isolated contemporary life."
- Pure Nintendo, nov 2021

"... Tie that in with this slice of life being shared with us, and you have yourself an incredibly well written and truly unique experience. Stilstand is a brief, yet powerful story that is well worth taking the time to check out."
- Nintendo World Report, oct.2021

"The atmosphere, music, art and story, all pull together into one incredibly relatable experience. It is perfect for anyone that has ever felt like they haven’t done enough with their life, or felt that things simply have to get better."

- Review, Game Crater, oct. 2020

"The artistic direction grabs us by the collar from the first seconds: we are not here to laugh. It's dark, disturbing, almost tortured. We are literally caught up in scribbled, vibrant decors, totally in harmony with the story that comes to life there."

- Review, Gameskult, sep 2020

"With simple and intuitive game play, and a story line that is all too relatable, I found this game immersive and addictive. I found myself moved to laughter and sadness throughout this story."
Review, The Convention Collective, sep 2020

"Poetic, naive, underground, artistic, delirious Stilstand is a work that follows in the footsteps of Florence for the way of telling a story."
- Review, Outcast, sep 2020

"It's a revelation. (…) Stilstand strikes by the perfect adequacy between its pace (unstable, haunting and yet hard-hitting) and its subject."
- Review, Les Inrockuptibles, aug 2020

"Stilstand just left me speechless. It is a mouthful, but it really is a darkly, comedic, philosophical, and artistic game, with everything in between. Just look at some of the drawings and animations and it becomes clear that it is something you only see once. "
- Review, Blue Moon Game, aug 2020


"We have only scratched the surface of what games can actually do. There is plenty of room to experiment with user experiences, which should not only be entertaining or pleasant but instead dare to go deeper and into the flesh of something that feels real and intimate," says Ida Hartmann. 
- Interview, Dagbladet Information, sep 2020

"Computer games no longer just have to entertain. A new game about a young, depressed woman in Copenhagen's Northwest district joins the wave of autobiographical indie games that will influence us culturally and politically."

- Interview, Weekendavisen, aug 2020

"Ida Hartmann took up the challenge. "Can you make a game that is so real that it almost becomes too real?", She asked herself. - I became curious about whether we could make a game that, like literature, depicts a reality. The crisis. The development. And do people even want to play such a game?"
- Interview, Danmarks Radio, sep 2020

"It is not necessarily a very pleasant experience to play 'Stilstand'. But I actually don't mind. I like things that are melancholic and go deep into humanity, because that is where I find it interesting”

Interview, Heartbeats, sep.2020

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